Michel & Susan Doucet

Just a quick note to say how very pleased my wife and I are with the quality of the workmanship of the recent sealing and paving job that you did on our driveway. The paving portion was done extremely well with well packed gravel used before the paving. This was a problem with the previous paving job that we had done as the gravel packing was basically non- existent so as soon as any heavy load went over the driveway it started to crack and dip. I am now very confident that the driveway can withstand a heavy load . The sealing was extemely well done as well, very thorough and clean. We have had several comments from the neighbours about the way our driveway looks now and in fact we have already had several inquiries from friends and neighbours asking who had done the work as they might need sealing done before winter sets in. We also appreciate the fact that the sealing cost is now locked in for the next few years so we can maintain the quality and look of our driveway without any price increase. Thanks to both of you for jobs well done.