Q. What kind of guarantee do you offer your customers?
Q. What kind of services do you offer?
Q. Why should I have my driveway sealed?
Q. My driveway has just been paved, how long should I wait to have it sealed?
Q. Once it is dried are there any final steps before I drive on it?
Q. If the weather is forecasting rain should I still seal my driveway?
Q. How often should I seal my driveway?
Q. Why do cracks form in my driveway and should I have them fixed?
Q. Why not apply sealer myself and roll it on?
Q. Is it true that oil based sealers track or stay sticky like tar?
Q. If a neighbor and I want to get our driveway sealed is there a discount?
Q. What if I have oil spots on my driveway.
Q. What if I have oil patches on my driveway.
Q. How do you prepare the driveway to be sealed?
Q. What is the difference between an acrylic sealer and oil based sealer?